About us


Welcome to Future Antiques, an online gallery of designer Mid-Century Modern Furniture at reasonable prices. Our company is headquartered in Newark, NJ, where we have our main warehouse and distribution center. We also have an extensive presence in Europe for locating and restoring furniture. We source our own furniture directly in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bordeaux, and other key cities for Mid-Century Modern design. Our restoration team, also located in Europe, uses artisan restoration techniques to bring designer items back to their highest aesthetic potential.

We specialise in Danish designer furniture and lighting, but also have pieces from other 20th Century traditions in our collection.  If clients are interested in pieces not currently in our collection, we have a broad network of partners in Europe and frequently conduct searches for custom orders, including export/shipping.  We are also happy to discuss wholesale pricing with vendors.

Please let us know any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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